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Revolutionizing Learning

Provide courses from India, connect with the students located in the remote locations in Africa right upto the fast paced and mobile users in Hong Kong. Learning will never be the same again.

Campus2Success provides you with a one-stop platform for institutes & students to make learning accessible & revolutionary in the true sense,

About NWDCo

A 12 year old organization with offices in India & Hong Kong, NWDCo provides innovative & cost effective Web based IT Solutions over its nCloudz cloud Infrastructure.

What started as a college hobby has turned into a profession which has lead to developing a passion driven - quality oriented services & solutions company.

Campus2Success was conceptualized with an aim to help students locate the best institute for their course. Apart from this, there came a realisation that there is a need for a connect between countries where in Institutes can reach out to students who have limited resources or who along with their job or other commitments will like to pursue their dream to learn more.

About Campus 2 Success

We have to create a platform which can facilitate Learning beyond borders and at an affordable price with such a Quality that would make NWDCo stand proud!

With a simple vision in mind, we have set forth on a journey to help education reach & enlighten the world. Although the task is huge we are very happy to invite individuals & experts who will like to share their knowledge on this platform and offer the same to their students.

Apart from the Institutes which have their own dedicated portals, Campus2Success.com has its own set of individual courses to offer which are many for Free and created with the help of experts who have contributed immensley for little or nothing in return to help our cause.

Meet the team

The Team at Campus 2 Success is always increasing with our guiding lights sharing their valuable time & knowledge to make Education a Dream Come True.

With this, our team consists of an individual from every field, who has something to share & with whom our development team can interact to help him prepare & share his course.

Having said this, we would like to invite you to be a part of Campus2Success, where you can share your knowledge to others for Free or at a nominal rate. For courses provided for Free we do not charge any fees as well as we believe that "One good does another" :-)


For Institutes - Corporates

Campus 2 Success provides a fully customized portal for the Institute.

With complete branding & integration, your students can access the portal from either institute.campus2success.com OR neducate.institutename.com

Why Choose Us

  • Integrated & Convergence Approach
  • Near 24x7 accessible Team
  • Quality Solutions since 12 years
  • Always Innovating & Revolutionizing

Latest Offering

nCloudz Education HD

nCloudz now offers Digital Signage Educational series to Hospitals & Medical Centers with educational videos, guides to showcase to the patient along with the doctor's schedule, medical news, etc.